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Hospital Bed :

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For emergency need of oxygen WhatsApp message here: (+91)6207 131 751

NOTE: Please don't call on the above given number, it is only provided for WhatsApp messages.


Get Involved -
Rebuild Your Neighborhood!


Unlike you and me hundreds of under-privileged people in Patna, Bihar are DYING on the streets in front of hospitals due to the unavailability of Oxygen. Why not collect funds for them and give them something that can save their life. I have some friends who are already working for the well-being of these people and they can make our work a lot more easy than you can even imagine. Just click on the button below. Sure you will be rewarded in heaven for this pure deed. This year I pledged to contribute 10 Rupees per day which will amount to 3,650/-. You too can contribute for your brothers and sisters in need. Even a small amount from you is huge enough for their smile and their family's happiness. 


Currently we are a very small group. But we expect many more volunteers to join us soon. This will not only divide our work, but trust me it will make your heart dance from joy of helping people. You'll surely be welcomed. It doesn't take much of your time and the special thing is that you can do it virtually too. And if you don't have enough time it's still not a problem. Just click on the button below which will redirect you to another page, fill some information and we'll contact you soon.  

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About Us

We are group of teenagers studying in 10th and/or 11th and MATURE enough. After witnessing this devastated condition of our neighborhood, decided to come together and help to the best of our ability while following  all the government issued protocols for COVID-19.